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Item #: F04-A211-100

Price: $1,485.00


    EchoView Host Controller | F04-A211-100

    The EchoView Host Controller creates a self-contained network and allows for real-time readings, alarm status, and call names for up to eight wireless RAE Systems instruments, including ToxiRAE Pro, QRAE 3, and the MultiRAE family. It allows wireless connectivity without the use of a computer, licenses, or additional software.


    • 660 foot wireless range (extendable with Mesh Router)
    • Bright-red high-visibility alarm lights and loud audible alarm
    • Water-proof, dust-tight, and intrinsically safe for Class I, Division 1 hazardous environments
    • High resistance to electromagnetic and radio interference
    • 10 day run-time on replaceable lithium battery

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